Michael Keaton Signed Beetlejuice 8x10

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Michael Keaton Signed Beetlejuice 8x10

Michael Keaton signed Beetlejuice 10x8

This originally started as a white sheet, for those that are unaware of what these are, all over the world graphers generally carry photos with them in hope of acquiring that particular celebrity, however 99% of the time you will always run into someone and at that time you have nothing for them to sign, this is where blank photo sheets come into play, once signed you can either cut down the sheet to just the auto or have images printed onto the sheet, this does not in any way affect the authenticity of the autograph and sometimes you are able to add an image that celebrities would sometimes not sign, (this happens a lot with nude photos)

So, on the night of meeting Michael and the rest of the Flash cast I was fortunate to have Michael sign 4 white sheets for me and this is the last 1

This is 100% Guaranteed to pass TPA (becketts already have on the last one sold)
RACC Trusted Seller #315